Ebb/Flow systems

About Ebb/ flow systems

Ebb/flow systems are the most frequent used cultivating system for plant production in a modern greenhouse. In Europe, who is the pioneer continent in this branch of business, the ebb/flow system is widely used. Other continents, where a lot less- or no environmental requirements exist, the systems are used considerable less. But the spreading in these areas is moving rapidly as the environmental demands get more strict, and also at a time that more modern technology is introduced, which makes optimal use of the ebb/flow systems.

An ebb/flow system is a closed system, where the often fertilize dispensing watering is pumped out on the trays, by which the cultivation starts soaking up the water and the added fertilizer. After a certain time the trays are emptied again, and the remaining water runs back into a central tank. It can then as needed be added more clean water and fertilizer till the mixture again has the desired composition before the next watering is done. See the example of a typical installation with ebb/flow tables, see above.

Ebb/flow systems holds a number of advantage, i.e.:

  • ​No water or fertilizer is wasted.
  • Under watering principle.
  • Possibility of a possible automatic composition of the fertilizer in the water.
  • Possibility of a very precise management of watering times.

About Ebbe/flow trays

Stål & Plast A/S manufactures two principal types of Ebb/Flow bench trays:

  1. Mobile Bench trays - manufactured in one piece to specified measurements (up to 1720 x 6230 mm).
  2. Rolling Bench trays - made of standard parts which are glued together to the desired length.

Mobile Bench Trays: Used primarily for mobile bench systems - where there are often many small benches of the same size. Trays for mobile benches manufactured in one piece are only offered with at least 100 items of equal size. To see more about mobile bench trays manufactured in one piece, click h​ere.

Rolling Bench trays: A composite bench tray consisting of a number of end, middle and division trays, which are glued to an entire bench top. To learn more about what “end tray”, “middle tray” and “division tray” mean, click here.

4-sided rolling bench trays: Rolling bench trays are offered in several dimensions as 4-sided plastic trays (moulded in one piece) without any kind of seam, see the tray program.​

An example of a composed bench tray with 1 sump:

Bench tray width = 1,80 meter. (At the drawings inside the tray program, you can see that the length of 1,80 m trays are 1,50 m). Bench tray length = 8,60 meter.

This bench tray will consist of the following trays:

  • ​An end tray without sump; length = 1,50 meter
  • An end tray with sump; length = 1,50 meter
  • 3 middle trays; length = 1,50 meter
  • 1 division tray; length = 1,09 meter (as a standard 10 mm “space” is calculated)

​A composed bench tray consists of several sections of trays which are put together to one big 4-sided bench tray. This way bench trays in all imaginable sizes can be produced, alongside the widths decided by the chosen tray type. See the tray program.

Example of an Ebb/flow system

About us

Stål & Plast A/S has been manufacturing Ebb & Flow bench trays in high impact polystyrene (HIPS) since 1984.

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