Installment instruction 4-sided bench trays

Sub support of the bench trays

By a maximum load of 70 kg/m2 -evenly distributed, the following requirements to sub support must be met:

  1. The bench trays are generally supported by max. 500 mm interval.
  2. A sub support is placed max. 200 mm from the end of the bench tray. Notice the sump (A), which can not rest on the sub support.


Since the trays are up to 6200 mm. long, they are is somehow more difficult to handle that the traditional short trays. During the instalment it is recommended to follow the guidance below, so collapsing and breaking of the trays is avoided.

  1. The box with the bench trays is placed upright (The bench tray stands on the side) near the bench frames, so the trays don’t have to be carried further that necessary.
  2. The box is opened on the side labelled "open this side", and the bench trays are carried out upright one by one to the bench framed. The trays then are turned level down into the frame.

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