Raw plates

The raw plates are manufactured within the company on a modern co-extruder machine. This provides users with the very highest quality and reliable delivery on the market since the raw plates are specially developed and manufactured for Ebb & Flow bench trays.

The raw material used, is a UV stable HIPS (High Impact Polystyrene), it is co-extruding in 3 levels, see the scetch. The thickness is standard; 3 mm, but can as wished also be delivered in other thicknesses.

The Co-extruding gives an option of an extra UV-protected layer on the topside of the plate, which is recommended when used in the following invironments:

  1. In very sunny and warm parts of the world.
  2. In green houses not covered with UV-absorbing material (i.e. glass).
  3. Outdoor.
  4. In green houses placed a 1000 meter or more above sea level.


The sheets are delivered standard in grey, but can at an extra charge be delivered in all requested colours.

Note that the specially chosen colour grey possesses a number of advantages compared to lighter or darker colours. Therefore it’s necessary to be careful choosing other colours as it can have a big impact on reflexions of light, the durability of the trays etc.

About us

Stål & Plast A/S has been manufacturing Ebb & Flow bench trays in high impact polystyrene (HIPS) since 1984.

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